“You’re interested in Bollywood dance? Do you have to go Mumbai to witness some amazing performances? Absolutely not. Last night, Mississauga got a treat at Port Credit School by an outstanding show put up by team –Jadoo Entertainment.

The dancers, devoted to Bollywood dance, have offered several rare examples in previous years, including a show ‘Devdas’.

The auditorium was packed with enthusiastic audiences, who kept cheering, clapping and enjoying every moment. The performers from all age groups were from Brampton, Milton and Mississauga.

Jadoo entertainers danced to all the latest  hit numbers, performing with zest, glee and an array of costumes so admirably vivid that audience members exclaimed about them. Combinations of bright, bold colors, with gold, and black with scarlet flooded the stage. The dancing, often with lip-syncing and flashing eyes, had all of Bollywood’s engaging vivacity. As so often in Bollywood, shoulders or hips would throb to the beat like pulses.

One style succeeded another; the rhythm kept changing but never faltered; the dance grew steadily more engrossing. All the music was taped. Bollywood dance is the genre that this suits best.

The dancing talent in the team is very impressive and they put up a spectacular performance last night. The group did an amazing job and even the props used were simply superb. The dedication of the team could be noticed throughout the show! Kudos to team Jadoo! Keep shining, keep rocking, keep sizzling, and keep entertaining! Superstars in the making. Undoubtedly.

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