Guests booking from India to enjoy flat discounts of 30% and 20% on international & domestic fares 

Mumbai, August 10, 2017: Jet Airways, India’s premier full service international airline, today announced a special six-day celebratory fare sale to mark India’s 70thIndependence Day. The sale, starting August 11, 2017, will offer guests an attractive 30 percent discount* on Economy fares and 20 percent* on Premiere fares.

 Applicable on both one-way and return tickets, guests can book their tickets for 44 domestic destinations and 20 international destinations across Jet Airways’ expansive network. Tickets purchased as part of the sale for domestic flights, will be valid for travel from September 05, 2017. For international flights, the promotional tickets will be valid from September 15, 2017.

 This is yet another guest-focussed initiative from Jet Airways, already acclaimed for delivering exceptional value to travellers, aside from its attractive promotions and innovative product offerings. Continue reading “JET AIRWAYS ANNOUNCES FREEDOM SALE WITH EXCLUSIVE DEALS”

Canadian Lululemon launches meditation space in its stores

Vancouver  headquartered popular athletic apparel company Lululemon Athletica Inc. has  launched meditation space in its stores. Lululemon reportedly included its first Mindfulosophy space inside the new 8,000-square-foot store which opened on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan (New York City) on July 21, where visitors can follow various self-guided meditations.

The trademark application of Lululemon Athletica Canada Inc. regarding Mindfulosophy has been accepted by United States Patent and Trademark Office, which included downloadable content featuring topics relating to meditation, yoga philosophy, etc.; accessories including face masks for meditation, etc.; pre-recorded DVDs featuring topics relating to yoga philosophy, etc.; providing classes, instruction, training, and interactive on-line instruction and training in the fields of meditation, etc.; entertainment services in the nature of arranging social community entertainment events featuring meditation, etc.; providing a website featuring audio and video presentations featuring information, instruction and training in the fields of meditation, etc. Continue reading “Canadian Lululemon launches meditation space in its stores”

Seven Ways to Rise Above the Negativity in Social Media, Politics…and Your Own Head

Is the cultural tsunami of negativity wearing down your ability to stay hopeful and optimistic? Here, I explain how to overpower these voices, change your circumstances for the better, and become a positive leader and influencer to those around you.

By Jon Gordon

You’ve probably noticed: Negativity has pervaded our culture and daily lives. Whether you love or hate the current political climate, it’s hard to deny that our nation has ever been as divided, fearful, and vocal as it is today. Add in the avalanche of complaining that dominates social media and it’s not easy to be positive or happy right now.

There is a solution. You absolutely can rise above the negativity all around you. It’s not easy but it can be done.

Throughout history, there have been times of extreme negativity, pessimism, and fear. Those who rose above it were able to change their circumstances for the better instead of allowing their circumstances to change them for the worse.

It turns out that positivity doesn’t just make you feel better in the moment; it makes you more successful too. Research conducted by Manju Puri and David Robinson, business professors at Duke University, shows that optimistic people work harder, get paid more, are elected to office more often, and win at sports more regularly (1. Puri, M. & Robinson, D. (2007). Optimism and economic choice. Journal of Financial Economics, 86, 71-99.). They also have stronger relationships. And not surprisingly, when positive energy is shared in the workplace, teams perform better.

Being positive doesn’t just make you better. It makes everyone around you better.

Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally is a shining example of a positive leader who rose above negativity to create a better world. When he stepped into the CEO role in 2006, Ford had just suffered an annual loss of $12.7 billion and was on the verge of bankruptcy. But he managed to put Ford back in the black in just a few short years, and then the Great Recession hit. In these dire circumstances, it seemed like his efforts had been in vain—and plenty of people doubted his ability to save the struggling company. But Mulally proceeded with optimism and saved Ford and thousands of jobs in the process, while positively impacting the American economy and country as a whole. Continue reading “Seven Ways to Rise Above the Negativity in Social Media, Politics…and Your Own Head”

At the End of the Day…Business Clichés Are Lazy Language!

Five Clichés and “Don’t Says” to Avoid Like the (Well, You Know)

Those pointless little phrases you use at work might be sending exactly the wrong message (for instance, that you’re too lazy to come up with something better). Here, I explain why it’s time to ditch those business clichés.

By Richard Moran

Look up “business buzzwords” or “business clichés” and you’ll find article after article about these irritating, overused phrases. In fact, new ones come out each year documenting the latest crop that’s flourishing in workplaces across America. In a world drowning in buzzwords, tweets, and hashtags, spouting mindless clichés in the workplace may seem harmless. But using too many professional platitudes could be more problematic than you thought.

Not only can business clichés be annoying to others who hear them day in and day out, they are the language of laziness. When you use them, you effectively fail to focus your thoughts and really identify what you’re trying to communicate and accomplish.

Language that is “mindless” isn’t also “harmless.” The risks of vague language aren’t just practical detail mix-ups between coworkers. Many of these phrases are actually actively promoting terrible morale that shoves projects and careers into stagnation. By abusing clichés, you might be projecting an apathetic and lazy attitude without even realizing it.

If you’re too lazy to come up with a way to say something other than resorting to a trite buzzword, isn’t that a sign that you’ll be lazy in other areas at work as well? Whether it’s true or not, that’s the message you’re broadcasting.

Accessible for all working generations and speaking from the most traditional of suited workplaces to the domains (and domain names) of Zuckerberg hoodies and office dogs, my new book The Thing About Work: Showing Up and Other Important Mattersoffers tips for what not to say in your day-to-day. For instance:

“It is what it is” is the sound of defeat. The subtext of “it is what it is” is: “I give up.” That negativity enforces the kind of thinking that kills projects and how coworkers understand your attitude. It makes you the Debbie Downer in business clothing. You might as well say, “Life sucks and work is even worse,” and this attitude gets old very fast. Continue reading “At the End of the Day…Business Clichés Are Lazy Language!”

Connecting More People with Disabilities to Job Opportunities

Province Releases Employment Strategy for People with Disabilities

Ontario is taking action to break down employment barriers for people with disabilities by launching a new strategy to connect more people with disabilities to rewarding jobs and more employers to new talent to help grow their businesses.

Tracy McCharles, Minister Responsible for Accessibility, alongwith Deb Matthews, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development, and Dr. Helena Jaczek, Minister of Community and Social Services, were in Toronto to make the annoucement.

Access Talent, Ontarioès Employment Strategy for People with Disabilities will help increase employment for people with disabilities and connect businesses to talent by:

  • Supporting the development and employment goals of students and young people, including the launch of a new pilot through the Ontario Disability Support Program to provide individualized and coordinated services and supports.
  • Engaging employers as partners and champions through an online platform that will connect businesses, people with disabilities, and the public to share advice and lessons learned.
  • Streamlining employment and training services to better meet the needs of job seekers and employers through the introduction of a new Supported Employment program at Employment Ontario.
  • Establishing the government as an accessibility leader by raising awareness and changing attitudes through public education.

Increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities and connecting businesses to new talent are part of the government’s plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives. Continue reading “Connecting More People with Disabilities to Job Opportunities”

Bring Vacation Vibes to Your Home with Attiser

Summer is here! The warm season brings excitement as people welcome thoughts of sun-kissed skin and laid-back moments in white, sandy beaches. Wish you could spend every waking moment of summer at the beach? Surround your home with summer vibes with designs from Attiser! With signature collections of handmade linens hand-block printed by artisans in India, Attiser’s traditional method was developed over 450 years ago.

Spruce up your space with carefully selected, eco-friendly materials from Attiser. Each item is handmade and comes with a distinctively splendid flair of bright colors that are blended with a refined French country style.

Express your sophisticated side and trendy taste in décor with the variety of bedding, tablecloths, curtains and more:

  • Bring the allure of India to your bedroom with Attiser quilts in bright, colorful designs that add a hint of Country French elegance and sophistication, giving a feeling of luxury and opulence with these richly designed custom pieces for your bedroom or living spaces.
  • Dress your dining room table or quaint breakfast nook with eye-catching Attiser fabric tablecloths from the finest handmade linens with an integration of Indian artistry and French style — they’ll be an instant classical favorite in your home.

Continue reading “Bring Vacation Vibes to Your Home with Attiser”

Run Safe. Run Smart.

Outdoor season is upon us!  It is becoming more important than ever that people take the necessary safety precautions when running/walking/hiking outdoors  or on campus.  SABRE, a renown personal safety company and worldwide leader in pepper spray products, has released an athletic line of safety products to help deter danger while running/walking or enjoying the outdoors. The recently released, Personal Alarm Clip w/LED light offers peace of mind with its cutting edge take on personal security. It features a powerful LED flashlight and a 120 decibel alarm that can be heard from 600 feet away, all activated by just a press of a button. Clip it and go! 

Are you interested in seeing samples of any of the below items or interviewing their team of trained safety experts? SABRE wants consumers to know that there are safety products available for them. –Nicki

Product Summary: Personal Alarm Clip w/LED light, 14.99;   Runner Personal Alarm with Adjustable Wrist Strap 19.99;  Runner Pepper Gel, 12.99


Whether you are running, on a hike, or just walking down the street, SABRE® Personal Alarm offers peace of mind with its cutting edge take on personal security.  SABRE® Personal Alarm can be activated with the press of a button and its 120 decibel alarm can be heard from 600 feet away, alerting those nearby to your situation.  It also possesses a powerful LED flashlight with three different frequencies for increased visibility and signaling for help.  Easily clip it on to your clothing or bag, the hands-free and weatherproof design ensures constant access to your alarm.  Available in two different colors, the SABRE® Personal Alarm is the newest innovation in personal security.

Retail: $14.99 Continue reading “Run Safe. Run Smart.”

Ontario Plans High Speed Rail for the Toronto-Windsor Corridor

Project will Connect People and Create Good Jobs

High speed rail cuts down on travel times, gives people more low-carbon transportation options, and creates new opportunities for workers and businesses. Ontario is supporting economic growth in Southwestern Ontario and across the province by moving forward with high speed rail along the Toronto-Windsor corridor, becoming the first province to undertake a rail transformation of this magnitude.

Premier Kathleen Wynne, Steven Del Duca, Ontario’s Minister of Transportation, and Deb Matthews, MPP for London North Centre, were in London yesterday, to announce that the province is moving ahead with preliminary design work on the project and investing $15 million in a comprehensive environmental assessment. Ontario will establish a new governing body to oversee the ambitious work required to design and implement high speed rail.

The announcement comes as the province releases a new report by David Collenette, Ontario’s Special Advisor on high speed rail. In 2015, Mr. Collenette was asked to assess the project’s feasibility. After extensive consultations, his report has concluded that there is a business case for high speed rail along the Toronto-Windsor corridor and that there are opportunities to engage the private sector in financing and delivering the project. Continue reading “Ontario Plans High Speed Rail for the Toronto-Windsor Corridor”


LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Toronto Opens New Attraction – Ninjago City Adventure

Get ready to put your ninja skills to the ultimate test in the all-new LEGO® Ninjago City Adventure opening on June 2 at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Toronto. The over $750,000, 2,300-square-foot interactive play area is the Centre’s 5th interactive experience added since opening four years ago.

Modeled after the Temple of Airjitzu, the two-story play structure puts guests’ physical skills to the test as they fight to save Ninjago City. Together, adults and children will test their balance, agility, strength and endurance to become a Spinjitzu Master, all while experiencing more than 20 interactive features.

Guests of ALL ages can join Sensei Wu and practice ninja moves in the Dojo training room by testing hand-eye coordination on the color crush reflex reaction game. Moving on to the temple, ninjas-in-training engage in several obstacle course challenges inspired by their favorite Ninjago characters Kai, Jay, Cole, Lloyd, Zane and Nya.

There are tons of interactive activities including navigating a vortex spinning barrel, mastering the art of Spinjitzu on the spiral slide of lights, harnessing the power of the water on wave decks, crawling through hover rings and lightning buzzer bars, taking on a crisscross maze and vertical rope climb, testing LEGO® building skills and more.


Ontario Investing $9 Billion More In Health Care Construction

Communities Receive Significant Funding for Hospital Infrastructure in 2017 Budget

As part of the 2017 Budget, Ontario is proposing to spend an additional $9 billion to support the construction of new hospital projects across the province. This would bring Ontario’s total planned investment in hospital infrastructure to more than $20 billion over the next 10 years.

Premier Kathleen Wynne was joined today by Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, and Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance, at Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga to announce the new funding.

These new investments will allow hospitals to renovate existing facilities and build new ones, addressing a growing demand for health care services and a need for innovative models of care. Essential improvements and expansions would include emergency rooms, surgical facilities and patient spaces across the province, from big cities to remote communities. Continue reading “Ontario Investing $9 Billion More In Health Care Construction”