AAP Toronto Volunteer Group “Chalo Punjab” event with Jagtar Singh Sanghera

Punjab  AAP NRI  Convener and spokesman  Jagtar Singh Sanghera visited Toronto to boost up  “Chalo Punjab” movement. To support this movement, first air plane is leaving with AAP Toronto supporters on Jan 17, 2017.

Jagtar Singh Sanghera was warmly received at airport by Toronto Convener Surinder Mavi along with volunteers. Sanghera  went on a few radio stations to discuss this trip and AAP policies.  All media activities were managed and coordinated by Surinder Mavi and Sudeep Singla . The interviews were in studios and over the phone .

On Saturday 8th Jan,  Sanghera addressed all electronic and print media where he candidly provided answers to all the questions.

Highlight of the day was the Jagtar Singh’s speech at the main event which was attended by engertic AAP volunteers and supporters. Some people were seen standing in the hall. Around 500-600 people with background from Punjab listened Sanghera with full attention. Some people got emotional while speech was being delivered. Every one in attendance was left in no doubt about the honesty , integrity  , enthusiasm of  ground level workers and leaders in Punjab .

Sanghera was full of praise for the  passionate and open hearted welcome he received by  AAP supporters in Greater Toronto area. Supporters from Hamilton , London , Brantford  area came in biting cold to listen to him.

The  event  also  generated significant  amount  of resources for Punjab elections.

The support and generosity of AAP supporters from GTA is exemplary . After the event  Parminder Mangat (RBC, Mortgage Specialist) contacted organizing team and  offered to take care of all expenses  of banquets hall , snacks and dinner of all participants.

The whole visit was  arranged  and efficiently managed by Surinder Mavi ( convener AAP Toronto )  with his team of  dedicated volunteers Harinder Somal, Pall Badwal, Avtar Brar, Kewal Gill, Harpreet Saini, Harpreet Rakhra, Satnam Dhillon, Sukhwinder Singh, Rajwinder Singh, Lalit Batra, Susheel Kalra, Satya Agarwal, Lakhvinder Singh, Rupinder Uppal, Dilip Multani, Ajit Bawa, Prabh Dhaliwal, Mathura Prasad, Bhupinder Singh, Ajmer pardesi, Jasveer Singh and Mani thind.

Thanks a lot to Sumesh Handa (Secretary, AAP Canada) for coordinating and planning Jagtar Singh Sanghera visit so well across all chapters. Canada wide this has been one of the best coordinated event. Kudos to Sumesh Handa’s leadership. Sanghera also Lauded the professionalism  and dedication  shown by Sumesh  in his speech.

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