Canadian actor and filmmaker Keanu Reeves lends his voice to short film for TIFF’s Save This Moment campaign
 Keanu Reeves is urging the world to help TIFF protect and project film through its Save This Moment campaign, which aims to raise funds to cover storage, revision, and maintenance costs for 1,460 recently acquired prints from NBC Universal, Mongrel Media, eOne/Les Films Séville and Canadian filmmaker Peter Mettler.

Throughout TIFF’s in-house produced “The Film Prayer”,  Keanu’s signature voice embodies the voice of film and gives advice on how to handle film carefully, so it doesn’t break or burn as it goes through the projector, and so it can be preserved for future generations. The text used for the short film’s voice over originates from a poem called “The Film Prayer”, a cautionary tale for projectionists which is said to have been written by A.P. Hollis in 1920. This storied document was made available to all non-theatrical film distributors to promote better handling of film.

Watch and share the short film here.

“I love film and am honoured, grateful to ‎TIFF‎ for including me in their important efforts to preserve, project‎ and support this extraordinary medium”, said  Keanu Reeves.

“We are deeply grateful to Keanu for his gracious support of our campaign and for his passion for the art and technology of cinema” said Piers Handling, Director and CEO, TIFF. “As a cultural charity, we rely on the generous support of donors and members to help cover the associated costs to preserve these prints in all their cinematic integrity.”

Running until December 31, the Save This Moment campaign had start-up support generously provided by the Ontario Arts Foundation (in celebration of their 25th anniversary). For more information visit tiff.net/savethismoment.

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