IUPUI physical education students learn fundamentals of cricket


Pioneer in cricket education in United States Jatin Patel conducted a basic cricket education (practical training) for the physical education students (future PE teachers) of Indiana University-Purdue Indianapolis. As many as 15 students enthusiastically learnt the basic fundamentals of the game and played cricket.

Highly reputed and certified international cricket coach Jatin Patel, who originally hails from Gujarat (India) and well known for his USA soccer coaching expertise, explained that the project is a ” four-year tie up for cricket education at IUPUI with third year in a row for the practical coaching sessions held every year during December towards the end of semester, theory and game knowledge and other modules are covered online or media take home option and in class by the IUPUI Faculty staff member and in-class instructor Sandra S. Barnett.”

According to Jatin Patel, the main aim behind the college cricket training is to develop more future cricket coaches in such program and also to develop consistent semester long college cricket education program based on the research and ideas from around the world about cricket coaching to fit USA needs while we keep USA sports culture and development in mind.

“Target scholars / coaches are the future Physical Education teachers with the health and fitness or sports management or travel management related majors under IUPUI Physical Education and Tourism Management department (so far four universities / colleges) in Indiana involved / initiated similar cricket education programs).”

Jatin Patel is confident that it is the most effective way to educate America for cricket. Through such projects as many future cricket coaches will educate cricket to more youths and many scholars in schools for many years to follow during coach’s career. School and college sports are the key for any sports in USA and cricket is moving forward in right directions

Those who attended the practical training session in a lively atmosphere were Blake Arnett, Dylan Brinker, Devin Christian, Mercedes Conkright, Genevieve Deis, Jacob Eidson, Caleb Hall, Riley Hamilton, Alex Jones, Marigrace Kochert, Caitlin Plummer, Nathan Prescott, Jessica Sauer, Lucas Snider and Keith Thacker

The program began with the introduction of cricket fundamentals, including display of bats, balls, batting pads, helmets and other related cricket equipment. After explaining the basics of cricket, the first lesson was how to throw the ball while fielding with large cricket field in mind. Long distance throws are most difficult skill to learn for any adult novice coach / player. The tennis balls were used. After initial training, the students quickly understood the importance of throwing the ball with the correct techniques. They soon realized the difference between just trying and doing it with proper technique.

Jatin Patel demonstrated the correct technique of bowling at the stumps. Some of the students were really good in negotiating the balls bowled by their colleagues or Jatin Patel.

The players were also shown the bats and leather balls used by in a cricket match. The students had their first experience to hold the willow and leather balls used in day or night cricket.

They students were presented with certificates of completion for attending the practical training which is designed for the new cricket coaches by American Cricket Fedration and United States Youth Cricket Association joint effort for youth cricket development in USA. The move will soon start bearing fruits if the players adopt it as coaches to train the budding youngsters.

Jatin Patel disclosed “cricket has been played in America since 1709. The first game was played in USA during 1844 etc. However, cricket is still not an American sport. That’s going to change soon in Indiana and our coaches/players and teachers are modifying this game to fit with many other North American sports style/demand/ environment etc.” After we played historic T10 scrimmage inter high school game on May 16, 2013 here in Indianapolis, we continue to establish new milestones in cricket education and development to lead USA cricket history.”

Jatin Patel was presented a T-shirt bearing the IUPUI logo – School of Education and Tourism Management.

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