Anti Ageing- Arrest Ageing Naturally!

The vedic rishis were the masters of physical and the spiritual, super beings who controlled prakriti and all its manifestations. The physical body comprising of the five mahabhutas (elements) had been completely mastered by them.

From the masters of the vedic era to the present-day doctors of modern and alternative medicine, all are engaged in finding a solution to somehow stop, or at least, slow down the body clock. Many on realizing that they are ageing, lose their mental balance. A lot accept it as the inevitable. Some get stressed and fearful, and it is these vulnerable people who fall prey to business-minded companies selling anti-ageing creams, tonics, rejuvenating serums which at best camouflage the symptoms, addressing just the periphery while the core goes unnoticed. With time, the core emerges revealing the facts, but by then the precious years have been lost and the damage is now irreversible. 

It is normal to age…but for normal people. Ageing is a phenomenon of dulling of the senses and reduction in the size of the brain, the reaction time to a stimulus also becomes more, bones become brittle and the body becomes weak. We are going against nature that is why we are ageing faster. The various revolutions like green revolution and industrial revolution have polluted the planet and played havoc with our foundations and nature. Hence, there has been an advent of so many new diseases; every step which modern science takes forward is actually towards the destruction of the body…faster.  The youth of today take to artificial chemicals, laser treatments and cosmetic therapies to stay young and glowing. Some of the chemicals, which are known to be injurious, continue to be used as ingredients in most beauty products – SLS and SLES being common examples. So ageing is not natural. It is unnatural to fall sick and to age. Ageing can only be stalled by natural means, artificial techniques like face lift and breast enhancements etc, work superficially and infact prove harmful in the long run.

Our ancients, unparalleled in their understanding of the body, had deciphered the secrets to arrest ageing. In the vedic times, saline water was much valued for its effectiveness as a cleansing agent. Techniques like Jal Neti and Shankh Prakshalan (Visit a Dhyan Foundation centre near you to learn these cleansing techniques under supervision) use it to cleanse the system and slow its ageing process. Millions of years later, in 1912, the French surgeon and Nobel Laureate Alexis Carrel employed this knowledge of the vedic masters in his experiment to arrest ageing in chickens. Carrel placed a tissue cultured from an embryonic chicken heart in a Pyrex flask, and maintained the living culture for over 20 years, which was much longer than a chicken’s normal lifespan. 

 The cleansing techniques given the Vedic masters who were way ahead of the present times are being revisited and reinvented by modern scientists, needless to say, coming with a heavy price tag and various side-effects, colon hydrotherapy being a very poor copy. Besides, there are many businessmen who come from humble backgrounds and by selling yogic kriyas and ayurvedic medicines amass great wealth and then venture into politics. This puts forth a wrong message that yoga is meant to achieve material and political goals. It is actually the other way round…people who have had enough of life and worldly pleasures enter yog to move beyond. Through the book, “Sanatan Kriya: The Ageless dimension’,  reader can be informed about threats to him/her as well as get to know the authentic techniques of the vedic seers to attain the glow and radiance he/she is desirous of.

Yogi Ashwini is the Guiding Light of Dhyan Foundation and an authority on the Vedic Sciences. His book, ‘Sanatan Kriya, The Ageless Dimension’ is an acclaimed thesis on anti-ageing. Log onto to or mail to for more .

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