Chill at Crystal Clear Charming Coastline!

The Coast is Clear. Fort Erie’s Crystal Beach is a well-guarded (or not?) secret among Ontarians. The “best beach” destination (out of the mouths of kids) sounds like feeble praise. With miles of coastline, Crystal Beach holds its own as idyllic spot you’d want to spend on a Sunday afternoon in summer.

Crystal Beach is more of a Caribbean type of sandy beach, a family-friendly enclave which attracts kids and grown-ups as well. Lake Erie’s cool, clear waters draws a lot of travelers on summer weekends from across Niagara, Western New York and the GTA.

We picked a perfect day, when the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The water was reliably calm, for the kids to play some watersports and swim. Walking on the sandy shores was a pleasure on its own. Add to it, the company of your trusted friends and family, the charisma of the picturesque beauty doubles! What was especially satisfying was there was something for everyone. Seniors in the family sat in the shade sipping tea, teens were busy clicking selfies and the little ones building sand castles! Continue reading “Chill at Crystal Clear Charming Coastline!”

Indian Railway Stations to provide better access

In order to provide better accessibility to Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan), short term facilities, as detailed below, have been planned at all stations:

  • Standard ramp for barrier free entry
  • Earmarking at least two parking lots
  • Non-slippery walk-way from parking lot to building
  • Signages of appropriate visibility
  • At least one toilet (on the ground floor)
  • At least one drinking water tap suitable for use by Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan)
  • ‘May I help you’ Booth

In addition, long term facilities,  have also been planned at ‘A-1’, ‘A’ and ‘B’ category stations:-

  • Provision of facility for inter-platform transfer
  • Engraving on edges of platform

So far, 394 escalators at 167 stations and 219 lifts at 100 stations have been provided. Further, work is in progress for about 380 nos. of escalators at 133 stations and 427 nos. of lifts at 134 stations which shall be completed over a period of next two to three years. Continue reading “Indian Railway Stations to provide better access”


Guests booking from India to enjoy flat discounts of 30% and 20% on international & domestic fares 

Mumbai, August 10, 2017: Jet Airways, India’s premier full service international airline, today announced a special six-day celebratory fare sale to mark India’s 70thIndependence Day. The sale, starting August 11, 2017, will offer guests an attractive 30 percent discount* on Economy fares and 20 percent* on Premiere fares.

 Applicable on both one-way and return tickets, guests can book their tickets for 44 domestic destinations and 20 international destinations across Jet Airways’ expansive network. Tickets purchased as part of the sale for domestic flights, will be valid for travel from September 05, 2017. For international flights, the promotional tickets will be valid from September 15, 2017.

 This is yet another guest-focussed initiative from Jet Airways, already acclaimed for delivering exceptional value to travellers, aside from its attractive promotions and innovative product offerings. Continue reading “JET AIRWAYS ANNOUNCES FREEDOM SALE WITH EXCLUSIVE DEALS”

Embark to Europe: Ride the Rail!

Our family loves Europe. Zurich, Paris, Venice, Rome, Brussels. We enjoyed our recent visit to all these cities and more in a fun, adventurous trip not too long back. One of the biggest decisions we had to make was whether to do the tour on four wheels or the ride the rails? The answer, the choice was clear. Ride the Rail!

The train journey can be thoroughly enjoyable, with unparalleled scenery to boot, if you take proper steps to ensure that your trip is not derailed. From booking the right ticket to riding in best possible comfort, here’s some tips to ensure that you travel successfully.

The most important choice depends on how much you want to travel and how flexible your plans are. If you’re just traveling from point A to point B, you can purchase an open ticket, which is only good for a particular train at a specific time. On most routes, you don’t even need a reservation.

Rail passes are excellent, if you’re traveling within a country or multiple countries and planning on a lot of travel. Opt for the right combination and you’ll maximize your journey while minimizing your cost. Just make sure to do your homework and compare prices. Continue reading “Embark to Europe: Ride the Rail!”

Travel Designers: Fashionable Dreammakers

Batman Returns (Hollywood), Singham Returns (Bollywood).  We’ve heard this, we’ve seen it. But who’s know about ‘The Travel Agent Returns’? Well, it’s true.

We’re witnessing this trend.  There’s a resurgence of the profession that was dying. It goes to prove that attention to detail, exceptional service and high-quality never goes out of fashion.

Travel agents have feet on the ground in a destination (either themselves or through their business partners and suppliers) and provide special touches that enrich their clients’ travel experiences. Today luxury is being redefined by modern travelers and this new breed of travel agents.

The beauty of it is that there’s not one way to be a travel professional. We can look at this industry with fresh eyes. This industry coincides with many other facets, including Entertainment, Corporate, Fashion, Adventure, Honeymoon etc. People  who have multiple passions can find this business very fascinating, as it allows you to work multiple angles, from corporate fashion travel to booking tours to production for entertainment.

For an agent, it’s one of the great ways to share the world you know with people who want to experience it. The incentives you get from this profession allow you to keep wandering, and everything comes full circle.

A travel agent makes dreams come true, by showing people the beautiful places in the world with confidence, and to create unforgettable memories. With online booking, especially for unknown, faraway places there’s quite a possibility of fraud. We all that scams are everywhere! Continue reading “Travel Designers: Fashionable Dreammakers”

Booking a Summer Vacation? No more hidden fees

Vacations should be relaxing, and planning one should be too. Ontario has taken steps to help people make informed decisions when booking travel by increasing consumer protection and transparency.

As of January 1, 2017, Ontario travel agents and wholesalers are now required to display the total cost, including all taxes and fees, in any advertisements that include price of travel. All-in pricing reduces confusion and prevents surprises for consumers who purchase travel services in the province, such as all-inclusive vacations.

To help further protect consumers buying travel services and reduce burden on businesses, the government is looking for feedback on possible additional changes to requirements for Ontario travel agents and wholesalers. To participate in the consultations visit before July 24, 2017.

Strengthening consumer protection is part of the government’s plan to create jobs, grow our economy, and help people in their everyday lives.

Quick Facts

  • In 2016, up to 79 per cent of travel bookings were made online
  • The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) is the designated administrative authority that administers and enforces the Travel Industry Act requirements.
  • Travel agents and wholesalers operating in Ontario must be registered under the Travel Industry Act
  • More than 1,740 people and organizations have participated in the Travel Industry Act review to date

Continue reading “Booking a Summer Vacation? No more hidden fees”

Whitewater Rafting – Experience River Adventure!

Are you a novice to paddling and rowing? Are you bringing along some little children? Have no fears, no worries. That’s exactly what we did yesterday, when we decided to celebrate American Independence Day with family and friends.

We explored 9 miles of the river Youghiogheny river at Ohipyle State Park, Pennsylvania on a perfectly gorgeous day.  There’s something about whitewater rafting that gets the adrenaline pumping. Every paddle stroke was the start of a great adventure which is why I’d love to share it with the world!

This day trip packed in loads of fun on the busiest section of whitewater east of the Mississippi River.  The Youghiogeny River is scenic, exciting and great for a first time rafter. We all threw in our bright yellow life jackets, yellow helmets, grabbed our paddles and headed down the river. We chose to go on a guided tour with a professional since all of us in the group had little or no whitewater experience. Not only did we have a good time but also an enjoyable experience and unforgettable memories.

4th of July seemed to be the best time to go for seeking a huge thrill. An addition of water from the rain fall created high water levels in certain areas. Waves were larger and the water moved faster. Added to the enjoyment was the warm weather. During our 4 hour trip, we had plenty of opportunities to swim, play and relax.  Even the little girls enjoyed this mild whitewater rafting adventure without being fearful.  Generally, there were small, short, easily navigable rapids, some flat water areas, and beautiful scenery throughout.

When going on a rafting trip, plan to be on the river for a few hours.   Many things along the way could either shorten or lengthen the trip like taking breaks, rapids, or levels of water. Also remember that those hours are just the hours that could be spent on the river. Shuttles to and from the river and time getting ready should be taken into account too. All in all, you’re looking to be spending your full day but it’ll definitely be worth it! Continue reading “Whitewater Rafting – Experience River Adventure!”