Hong Kong: Soar Over the Skyscrapers!

3 adults, 6 kids aged 12& under, 9 days! That was the equation for our Hong Kong trip during one of the Spring breaks! Not exactly sure who was more excited- the grownups or the kids! Not that the measurement matters! The point was- we had fun, in huge quantities! Travelling business class with the tiny ones (perks of family member being an airline employee) was an added bonus which was thrown in at the last minute!

Landing into the airport was absolutely perfect! The views during descent and approach were marvelous. The tiny islands popping up from the sea and the unpopulated land around the city with skyscrapers and millions of inhabitants offers an awesome view. Once we checked into Novotel, kids forgot about their jetlag and time of the night! It was completely alive with Wi-Fi access, shopping and dining even in the wee hours.

During the day, when you set out to explore the place which has more tall buildings than New York! The number of people per square mile exceeded any other place on the planet, it’s so tightly packed.  Once you are away from the overcrowded shorelines of Victoria Harbor, you in for a treat! Mountains, harbors, forests and amazingly lush, green scenic are all available across the waterways.

The cable cars climb high over the hills and a series of valleys to get you to the renowned Big Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery. It’s about a half-hour ride from Tung Chung.

Admission to the 101-year-old monastery is free, but to go up up to the Buddha, guests are expected to buy a coupon for a vegetarian meal in a nearby tent.  That worked well for our foodie vegetarian family, who relished the bean curd, among other items thoroughly.

The other stunning view, which is not to be missed, is the Peak Tower. The Peak Tram, a funicular railway, climbs up the steep slopes of Victoria Peak. In fact, it is so steep that the buildings look as if they are all leaning at impossible angles, as you rise about 1300 feet or so, soaring between skyscrapers. Continue reading “Hong Kong: Soar Over the Skyscrapers!”