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CJMR​ ​Radio​ ​Hosts​ ​Raise​ ​Over​ ​$150,000​ ​and​ ​70,000​ ​Pounds​ ​of​ ​Food​ ​For​ ​Seva​ ​Food​ ​Bank

Last week’s annual CJMR Guru Nanak Radiothon and Food Drive raised over $150,000 in pledges and 70,000 pounds of food for the Seva Food Bank. The effort was led by the producers of CJMR 1320 AM radio station to mark the 549th anniversary of Guru Nanak’s birth. “We really wanted to find a way to put Guru Nanak’s message of equality, social justice and service into practice” remarked radio host Kuldip Deepak. “The Seva Food Bank is doing just that with its commitment to seva, selfless service, and sarbat da bhalla, the well-being of all humanity.”

On Friday November 3rd, the hosts held their seventh annual thirteen hour commercial-free radiothon. Over 1000 callers dialed in to pledge their donations. The radiothon was followed by a food drive on Saturday November 4th, which involved the support of over 200 Seva volunteers, spanning across over 25 South Asian grocery stores and gurdwaras to collect food donations within the Peel region.

“This incredible week has made a direct positive impact on the lives of our client families” commented Seva Food Bank organizer, Sarabjot (Jyoti) Kaur Bedi. “The food and funds collected allow us to not only feed more people but also tackle the issues of food security, hunger and poverty at both our Wolfedale and Malton food bank locations.” Continue reading “CJMR​ ​Radio​ ​Hosts​ ​Raise​ ​Over​ ​$150,000​ ​and​ ​70,000​ ​Pounds​ ​of​ ​Food​ ​For​ ​Seva​ ​Food​ ​Bank”

Rubin Museum New York hosting 24-hour ragas festival

Rubin Museum of Art (RMA) in New York is hosting “Ragas Live Festival—24 hours of sacred sound” on October 21-22, where guests with a $280 ticket get handpicked gallery sleeping spot under an artwork and may bring bedding.

Starting 10 am on October 21 and ending at 10 am on October 22, this overnight Indian classical music concert, whose tagline is “Color your mind at Ragas Live Festival”, includes performances by over 50 master musicians and is a first for RMA. Museum will also provide lounge areas in the lobby for naps and spaces where guests can make themselves cozy.

A worldwide audience will share this “immersive 24-hour global listening experience” in real time via a live radio broadcast. Museum Café will serve “mango lassis”, and the event includes meditation and traditional Hindu sunrise puja (prayer).

Musical instruments to be used during the festival include sitar, kanjira, tabla, bansuri, sarod, sarangi, harmonium, mridangam, santoor, etc. It would showcase some hundreds of years old compositions and includes many artists from India. Continue reading “Rubin Museum New York hosting 24-hour ragas festival”