ICFF 2017: Canadian Culture; Italian Grandeur

The Italian Film Festival kicked off its celebrations in style at Ricarda’s where it had the opening night gala on Thursday, June 8th. The extremely popular venue, which was beautifully decorated, was jam-packed with fun activities all through the evening.

The reception was at the lobby where the event was held, with delicious snacks, wine and beverages.

Although the performances began at 10 pm, the doors opened at 9pm to allow patrons to socialize over a drink or two first. The hosts for the evening, were all dressed beautifully, and welcoming the guests with charm. There was a live band who performed throughout the evening, kept everybody very well entertained, maintaining the high pace needed for such a wonderful gala.

Festival galas are usually predicable affairs. They feature outstanding singers performing an array of sections, good food and lots of fun. But this usually predictable event rose to new heights, with the amazing board, picture booth with a scooter, set in Italian style. And lots more..

Personally, I indulged in the fun too, including taking pictures on the Red Carpet and enjoying the delicacies that were being served continuously.  

Also, I’m a hardcore people-watcher so appreciated the wide array of ensembles — from silky gold gowns and salon-perfect hair to jeans, a nice sweater and stylishly disheveled hair. Truth-be-told, I felt pretty dang special as an attending press person.


The Festival 2017 was off to a great start. If you weren’t here, no worries You can still catch the movies that will be playing at different venues over the next week; and of course there’s the closing night party as well. Along the way, while you discover great movies, learn about other cultures. Canadian style.


Book quickly, though. You can peruse the programme and book tickets at www. http://icff.ca/.


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