WILDLIFE RESCUE opens May 18 at the Ontario Science Centre

Wildlife populations around the world are under stress due to pollution, deforestation and habitat encroachment, with species becoming endangered and some on the brink of extinction. A new exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre aims to educate visitors abour animal recovery, conservation and emergency response through inspiring stories of survival.

Wildlife Rescue draws visitors into exotic and familiar environments alike, by exploring the rehabilitation of a variety of species and revealing how we, as individuals, can make a difference. Wildlife Rescue runs from May 18 to September 4, 2017 at the Ontario Science Centre.

“Human activity is a leading cause of stress and extinction of wildlife populations. We urgently need to learn how to share our environment with other animal species,” said Dr. Maurice Bitran, CEO and Chief Science Officer, Ontario Science Centre. “Wildlife rescue presents compelling stories about animal rescue and wildlife restoration and the dedicated people behind them.”

Visitors will experience compelling stories of animal rescue from around the world, including how seabirds are saved from environmental disasters and how orphaned baby elephants are raised by human surrogate caregivers before being returned to the wild. Through interactive exhibits, visitors will see first-hand how innovative science and rescue efforts, including techniques and tools, are making a difference.

Wildlife Rescue, produced by Science North, gives our visitors the opportunity to experience the exciting and innovative ways in which people globally are rehabilitating diverse wildlife species,” said Darla Stoddart, Science North Senior Manager Travelling Exhibitions.

Wildlife Rescue empowers visitors to recognize how everyday actions can have an impact in their own “backyard” and fosters respect for nature and an understanding of the responsibility that rests with us all.

The Ontario Science Centre, a Centennial project, has welcomed more than 51 million visitors since it opened in 1969, pioneering an interactive approach now adopted by science centres around the world. Today, the Science Centre is an international leader in free-choice science learning and a key contributor to Ontario’s education and innovative ecosystems, offering lifelong learning through hands-on, engaging experiences. The Ontario Science Centre is an agency of the Government of Ontario funded in part by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. As a publicly assisted organization, the Science Centre relies on generous individuals, corporations and foundations who share a commitment to science and education for additional operating support. For more info, about the Ontario Science Centre, please visit ontariosciencecentre.ca.

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