Too Loud A Solitude!

On April 29,  Afshin Ghaffarian will make his debut at the Aga Khan Museum with a highly anticipated 70-minute solo performance, Too Loud a Solitude.  Inspired by Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal’s Too Loud a Solitude, a story about censorship and the destruction of books, Ghaffarian describes the arrangement as a “murderous dance” of chaotic passion.

To complement the performance, the Aga Khan Museum will screen Desert Dancer on April 26 (International Dance Day) which depicts the life of Ghaffarian and how he started an underground dance crew and had to flee Iran after finding himself in trouble with the Basij — Iran’s parliamentary volunteer militia — during the 2009 election protests.

Immerse yourself in the haunting solo dance recital  Too Loud a Solitude, recounting the story of an eclectic elder who works as a paper-crusher in Prague. Iranian artist Afshin Ghaffarian performs the dance, illustrating how Hrabal’s protagonist uses his job to obsessively collect rare and banned books — and amass once-stifled knowledge without bounds. Vibrant and whimsical, the on-stage adaptation of Too Loud a Solitude offers a profound response to censorship in the modern world.

“When I read, I don’t really read; I pop a beautiful sentence into my mouth and suck it like a fruit drop, or I sip it like a liqueur until the thought dissolves in me like alcohol, infusing brain and heart and coursing on through the veins to the root of each blood vessel.” — Bohumil Hrabal

This performance is part of the Aga Khan Museum’s series of Performing Arts programming. Between April and June of this year, six showcase performances of music and dance, and seven films, shed light on the creative traditions of such countries as India, Iran, Syria, and Canada.

Through partnerships with notable organizations, the Museum presents the best of local and international talent to both illuminate and celebrate Canada’s diverse cultural mosaic.

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