Mississauga is recognized as a featured travel destination in Canada

The people of Mississauga are the voice for the region marketing why travelers should visit

In Canada the travel industry is currently marketed by Government sponsored tourism associations. No more. Things are about to change according to a new website sweeping Canada called “eh Canada Travel”. The unique tourism platform empowers locals, tourism businesses, bloggers, photographers, event managers, locals and travelers to participate in creating content for their community and region based on their experiences and knowledge. 
“How Mississauga markets tourism online is about to get real personal. 
Tourism is a corporate world posting tourism information in corporate speak. Content is posted by suits sitting behind a desk recycling information. In fact, many receive the information third hand hence why multiple websites post the exact same information,” smiles Greg Girard, Tourism Whisperer and co-founding brother of Canada Travel. 
Canada Travel just added Ontario as part of their expansion into Northern, Eastern and Atlantic Canada. The website enables the people of Mississauga and those who visit an opportunity to play a part in creating and branding the community online by posting photos, videos, status updates, events, travel stories, travel tips, top 10 lists, things to do, as well as, create the park, trail, and places information pages. All posts and content are published in real time nationally on every province and territory on their website and socially on 11 social media channels.
“The people of Mississauga know their community the best. They hike it, walk it, sightsee it, work it and explore it. Who else it better qualified to promote Mississauga then the people who live it every day. No one is better qualified to talk about a waterfall, remote beach or lake, than the boat cruise, kayak guide or water taxi who explores the lake,” adds Colin Girard, Tourism Webjineer and co-founding brother of Canada Travel. 
About Canada Travel
Canada Travel started with one community website on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Today, they are sweeping across Canada rapidly expanding into Northern, Eastern and Atlantic Canada. Currently there are over 450+ communities, 3500+ parks and trails, 16,000 photos, 250+ videos, and hundreds of events posted online. Canada Travel is the only non-governmental, made-in-Canada, national booking, planning and social interacting travel website online. 
The website has developed a suite of 14 social media and content marketing tools for posting in real time. The addition of more regions and posting tools will enable Canada Travel to build on the 9.1 million hits reached in 2016. Each post, status update, special, comment, photo, and video uploaded by Canadians and travelers visiting Canada is shared across the country and then rebroadcasted on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.



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