Transport to Your Dream Destination with Oojra

Have you heard of the premier home lifestyle brand Oojra? This luxurious line of reed diffusors adds the perfect touch of elegance to the home. Each scent curates a unique fragrance, transporting guests to dream destinations through a careful arrangement of aromatic essential oils. From a five-star spa in Thailand to a Serengeti Safari, each exotic fragrance takes its users off the beaten path, opening up a whole new world they will never forget.

Oojra offers three unique diffusers, allowing users to explore different parts of the globe from the comfort of their own home. The French Provence Lavender Diffuser transports guests to a sunny hillside where frosted purple flowers exude their calming influence on the mind and body. The Laos White Tea and Ginger Diffuser exudes an uplifting aroma, taking users to misty waterfalls and lush tea plantations.  Oojra’s most sought after fragrance, the Thai Jasmine Bamboo Diffuser, inspires romance and relaxation while conjuring up images of fresh bamboo and garlands of flowers swaying in the breeze.

Oojra scents create a luxurious experience within the home, and the sleek glass bottle will stylishly accent any room, leaving a lasting impression. All three scents are available for purchase in Oojra’s Essential Oil Reed Diffusers Gift Set or individually at

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