Western Mustangs Sweep the NACS 2017 Awards!

On Saturday, March 4th NACS (North American Culture Show) showcased amazing   talents from young dancers at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto. The 6th annual inter-university dance competition came with lots of surprises and excitement, roaring noises from the cheering audience and school spirit squads. 8 universities/colleges participated in this fun-filled competition representing their best performances in Classical, Bhangra, Bollywood and Fusion. These energetic teams were motivated by an audience of over 1200 people who kept the momentum right till the end. All these talented youth who took the stage with creative performances were encourages to showcase their artistic abilities in a cheerful environment.

Each school, every single team displayed a commitment of excellence and provided every dancer an opportunity to display their skills, costumes, mix and choreography. The judges had an extremely challenging time to assess the winners among the performers. Every dancer, every school took pride and a sense of accomplishment in their commitment to do the best. It took them long hours of practice, some injuries, lots of hard work and effort.

While we are proud of each and every dancer, every contestant who put in 110% into their act, the team that left everyone absolutely speechless was the Western University dance group.

Congratulations to all the dancers, the Western Mustangs who swept the awards for Best Bollywood, Best Classical, Best Fusion and Artistic. Same goes to runners up – Team Ryerson, who left their hearts on the stage. Proud of you all for an outstanding performance, keep up the spirit until NACS 2018. Enjoy, celebrate and stay blessed.

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