All Aboard The Taj Express

Taj Express, the Internationally acclaimed musical is a dazzling theatrical spectacular wrapped into 120 minutes of swirling colours, sparkle, shimmer and electrifying energy, which weaves its magic to mesmerise and captivate audiences all over the world. Produced, Directed & Choreographed by The Merchants, Vaibhavi & Shruti, belonging to one of the dynastic families who have been in the Bollywood Film Industry for decades, the production is also the first Original Indian Musical to have successfully completed 5 years of International Touring.

Having several scores composed by, Oscar winning composer AR Rahman and Music Maestro’s like Salim-Sulaiman Merchant and Monty Sharma, the highly acclaimed musical lights up the stage with shimmering costumes, fast tempo hits and a Bollywood story unravelled through high energy dance routines showcasing a surge of vibrant footwork and an illustration of emotional rapture. Depicted by a terrific Dance company from the Bollywood Film Industry, that brings the true vivacity and the enchantment of India to life. The musical showcases the artistry of Indian Classical dance fused with modern Contemporary dance genres performed by a Cast whose energy is electrifying and dance moves suffused with a rush of joy and yet ruthlessly precise.

The show is coming to Cleveland, Oh on March 15th at the State Theatre. Enjoy!


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