One Heart: Pure Music, Sheer Magic

This afternoon, we were fortunate to witness sheer magic on screen at an exclusive screening of A.R. Rahman’s concert film, One Heart, at Toronto’s Scotiabank Theatre.  It was an experience, a privilege and an honour to watch the premier with the legend.

The concert film, with A.R. Rahman in attendance, was organized by Ideal Entertainment (IE) which was officially launched on Thursday, February 2nd at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts.

The film features unusual footage of internationally acclaimed A.R. Rahman and his band, performing their favorite songs. The film is punctuated by a series of in-depth interviews with the world renowned maestro, revealing the innermost thoughts of the incredible man behind the iconic figure.

The footage of arena performances   illustrates his ability to enthrall audiences and evoke the excitement of experiencing his music live. Rahman has been pushing the boundaries of creativity and inspiring fans to dream bigger for nearly three decades, and the film will certainly to ignite the imaginations of fans across generations.

The songs selected revealed his gift for fusion, wherein he mixed Indian themes with reggae, jazz, blues, rap and rock. The singers featured include our Brampton girl Jonita Gandhi and Anneta Phillip.

The title couldn’t have been better. ‘One Heart’ will surely touch a million heart and the proceeds go to a good cause. While giving hope to the less fortunate this musical treat is for all those fans who care for that one man on stage.

It’s about love. One Heart!


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