Woman’s Captaincy: Mission Fantasy?

As a woman, I feel the pressures to be perfect in everything – as a homemaker, a businesswoman, a writer, and just being active within my community. To be the captain of your own destiny is a superhuman task.
Not all barriers that we face as women can be attributed to the traditional society. We often hold ourselves back with self-imposed constraints. As women, we believe that professional success determine our personal worth. That’s a myth that needs to be overcome. I realize that in order to propel myself forward, I need to be myself. There’s no need to pretend; being transparent is far more effective.

As someone who seeks self-improvement and desires self-awareness, I’m reflecting on our shared dreams, desires, worries and fears. As Socrates reminds us, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” It’s true that an examined life is far richer and more authentic. And what more fascinating topic to examine than our own inner world and the outer expression of it?

We should be able to put our hand up and say, it’s not all going smooth, but that’s ok. If something is not working, the key is to identify it and then take action to change it. Do not be the hardest worker – look at boys in schools. Girls get good grades, boys play more video games. Hard work should be combined with other activities like sports or other stuff.

Finding lasting happiness, success, love and peace. Wouldn’t we all want exactly that? Wouldn’t we love to be the captains of our own destiny, our life? Create a reality that is close to fantasy? We could change the world by doing the work we love, that which we are passionate about. Connect with like-minded people and live your life like a legend.

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