Bahamas Breeze with Carnival Cruise

Nassau, with its clear, aqua blue waters, represents many cruisers’ like ourselves, first visit to the Caribbean. If you need tropical break, this provides a perfect 3 to 4 day getaway- located about 50 miles off the coast of Florida. Nassau’s cousin, Freeport, located on Grand Bahama Island, also has picturesque port-side facilities. These are the two main ports which virtually every Bahamian cruise line visits. Both places are downright gorgeous so you can’t go wrong with either of them if you’re looking for a nice beach vacation.

For water sports enthusiasts, everything is available–from snorkeling to sailing and swimming with the dolphins or stingrays, jet skiing and more. Both these cities being small, it’s relatively easy to do your own thing within the day that you’re docked. You could wander the outdoor markets and bazaars, stopping to get your hair braided or sample a conch fritter.

For party fanatics like our group, the Carnival was a great experience – a cruise that exceeded our expectations. It comes with all the bells and whistles that attracts every age group – kids, teenagers, youngsters  as well as adults. There’s   non-stop, continuous action, at Carnival Liberty which you can enjoy.

To save money on Paradise Island you could eat your already-paid-for meals on the ship, and you can hire a taxi and create your own private tour and save the price of an excursion offered by the ship. On the Carnival, your accommodations, meals and entertainment are covered by your fare. However, the cost of your drinks (soft, alcoholic and bottled water) are extra, as are tips for staff (averaging $12 USD per person per day), gambling, shopping, excursions, spa treatments, yoga classes and laundry.

The staff, food, ship and the shows were excellent making the trip very pleasant. If you love music, concerts, comedy shows and the open seas then Carnival is the cruise for you.

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