Put the whole world right under your tree!

Share the Magical Wonder of MOVA with the Entire Family

Nothing is too good for your loved ones. Surprise each one of your family members with an exquisite gift – the award-winning MOVA Globe. Made with impeccable artistic designs and state of the art solar technology, the MOVA® Globe is a unique, decorative globe that mimics the steady rotation of the earth when placed in ambient light.

Both inspiring and captivating, the MOVA® Globe is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Each globe embodies elegance and relaxation and is a well-engineered masterpiece that requires the highest level of detail, precision, and craftsmanship.

This one-of-a-kind gift is perfect for tech lovers, interior designers, passionate travelers, and those with good taste. Check out more of the MOVA® Globe’s features:

  • The globe uses ambient light and the earth’s magnetic field to simulate perpetual movement and turn on its own
  • Available in a unique collection of carefully designed scenes including vintage and modern world maps, astronomy, popular sports, and specialty art
  • Helps create a tranquil environment to incite peace of mind, relaxation, and serenity.
  • Powered by discreet high-tech solar panels and magnetic elements that require no batteries or wires
  • MOVA® Minis are just as beautiful as the original MOVA® Globe but are more affordable and offer 7 designs including famous artworks.
  • MOVA® Cubes feature a globe turning and rotating magically inside a transparent globe, also powered by ambient light


MOVA® Globes use only the finest materials with the highest quality imagery and patented, eco-conscious technology. It’s a technological and decorative marvel that will entice anyone that walks past it with its thoughtful aesthetics, magical movement, and upscale design.


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