fbThe Meeting Circle in Oakville came alive last night, with an incredible performance by Sufi, fusion and Bollywood singing sensation Kailash Kher and his band Kailasa. Thanks to Minhas Lawyers, the audiences in Toronto were treated to some good soulful music.

Kailash Kher’s band Kailasa are probably the only musicians  where fusion and devotion are blended with sincerity and melody. The band has toured 8 cities all across North America and Toronto  was their last performace, before they head back to Mumbai.

The Sufi king wowed the audiences in a packed auditorium from the start, proving how popular he is with our community. Entering the stage with ‘Aao ji’, Kailash went on to sing some of his best known tracks, including ‘Tauba’, ‘Rang Deene’, ‘Teri Deewani’ much to the joy of the his fans. There was cheers and whistles galore from the mesmerized audiences. With ‘Allah ke Bande’ and ‘Babam Bam’ his vocal ability reached another level hitting notes which are virtually impossible.

Throughout the concert Kailash was interacting with the crowds, talking to them, thanking the organizers, getting involved with them personally making everyone feel special.  He gave a wonderful introduction of each of players on his band, showing how humble he is.

During the short break, Mr. Kailash Kher was honored by our Consul General, Mr. Dinesh Bhatia who was the Chief Guest.

Overall, the concert was amazing, and the exceptionally talented singer and his band enthralled the GTA music lovers with their brilliance. The fans and well-wishers who were not able to catch him live in Toronto this time, should most certainly make it a point to do so on his next visit. A night with Kailash Kher & Kailasa is a memorable one, not to be missed!

What a grand finale to this tour! We can’t wait for him to come back soon.


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