Don’t be a PokéStat: Safety first. Capture Pokémon second.

 Have fun, and play safe! The City of Brampton cautions that safety must come first, and capturing Pokémon second, when using the popular new Pokémon Go smartphone app.

When people play safely, the app provides a great opportunity to get out and explore the city. Users can find Pokémon in city parks and trails, at historical sites, and along the streets they travel daily.

The app has users collecting Pokémon characters that appear in a virtual playing space that corresponds to the real world. Unlike other video games, this one encourages users to leave home and walk around.

Players are asked to be respectful of where they are when out tracking down Pokémon. While fire stations, hospitals, businesses and City buildings may be popular “PokéStops”, it is vital that players stay away from emergency driveways and doors.
“We have seen players gathering in emergency vehicle driveways, and that’s a safety concern for us,” said Brampton Fire Chief Michael Clark. “PokéStops don’t stop real-life fire trucks – these vehicles need to quickly leave fire stations. Have fun, be alert and be safe – don’t be a PokéStat!”


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