“India is a beautiful country” -RUPAK GINN, the hero of ‘KHOYA’

Rupak Ginn is an exceptionally talented US-based actor who plays the lead role and gave an incredible performance in the film ‘Khoya’.  In this, movie which is directed by Canadian Sami Khan, Rupak is the hero, Roger Moreau.

The film is about a young Toronto-raised, Indian-born man who is on a quest to solve the mystery of his birth. That quest takes him to some of the country’s rougher patches, where Roger follows in the footsteps of the poor, the desperate and the borderline criminal, gradually unraveling the tangled circumstances of how he came to be adopted by a white Canadian couple.

In an exclusive interview with Usha Pudukkotai, Rupak speaks about his role in the film, his best moments, his aspirations and more.

This brilliant actor who has made a name for himself with The Namesake, Friends with Benefits and Cheetah Girls has a commanding presence.


Now, Rupak can be seen showcasing his talent in ‘Khoya’, which will charm the audiences in Toronto next week.  The film will be opening June 10 at the Carlton Cinema (20 Carlton St.) in Toronto, and Sami Khan and Rupak Ginn will be attending Q&As during the opening weekend’s evening screenings.

Speaking about his experiences, Rupak said that he really enjoyed working with Sami Khan. He was all praise for the filmmaker, who is also a friend of the actor. The actor said that the best part was shooting in India, which he considers to be a beautiful country.

The medium is not that important to him, whether it’s a TV show, a feature film or a live performance. What matters is the character, the role and how you are able to portray it.  Rupak, who is married to Nancy Redd, a TV host, writer has 2 little children. When he is not busy filming, he enjoys spending time with his young family.

Rupak, who believes that independent cinema is a labor of love, will be in town, for the premiere of ‘Khoya’. So do come out to support this amazing film starring the incredibly talented, good-looking actor.

Bollywood calling…



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