Markham’s Thriving Economy Keeps Tax Rates Low

The City Celebrates Growth through Markham 2020 Economic Strategy

Markham’s growth is the envy of many municipalities in Ontario. Our success is by design. Originally launched in 2008, “Markham 2020” remains our blueprint for business success.

Over the past seven years, Markham has added over 22,000 jobs and increased commercial/industrial assessment by 65 percent. This is our economic strategy; Markham 2020 has guided us in establishing Markham as a vibrant centre for business growth and investment.

“The strategy, Markham 2020, is a landmark document for Markham… I see economic strategies all over the world. This is certainly the tightest, the smartest and the best one I’ve ever seen,” said Richard Florida, one of North America’s leading experts on urban development.

The City of Markham has focused on refining and updating its strategy over the past several months. Success breeds success, and Mayor Scarpitti and Council are looking at ways to attract even more high-value businesses and employment to Markham.

Council supports business and Markham families by keeping taxes low, building key public infrastructure and ensuring this City is a place where talented people want to do meaningful work and live their dreams. Markham supports a series of innovative programs and initiatives that develop the environment which inspires business success.

“Markham 2020, the city’s economic strategy initiated in 2008, has been successful in attracting investment in the key emerging global business sectors of financial services, life sciences, and information and communication technology,” said Mayor Frank Scarpitti. “And while this has led to significant economic growth in Markham, including helping to attract the new York University campus, our economic strategy and vision must be updated to ensure we create more economic prosperity for our future generations.”

On April 6, Mayor Scarpitti will be joined by the Presidents of York University and Seneca College, the Vice President and Deputy Chief Economist, TD Bank Group, and the Former Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of Scotiabank to answer the question: “Markham 2020: What’s NXT?” Included will be exciting news about the new York University @ Markham Centre campus, global competitiveness, and innovative business ideas that will help sustain Markham’s growth.

Join us at the Markham Flato Theatre on Wednesday, April 6 at 6 p.m. to share in our plans to attract business, inspire innovation and keep our taxes low.

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