Phoolka’s public rally in Toronto: The Maghi Mela of Canada:

Brampton: The public rally organized in support of the visiting Human Rights Lawyer and Aam Aadmi Party leader Mr. Harvinder Singh Phoolka attracted thousands of supporters in Brampton at Chandni Banquet Hall on Sunday.

There was an eagerness among the supporters while they listened to Mr. Phoolka speak for almost an hour about his continuing struggle for justice to the victims of anti-Sikh pogrom of 1984. People in the gathering frequently shouted “shame” when Phoolka spoke about the controversial role of the “opportunistic” Sikh leaders, particularly Akalis in shielding those involved in violence.

He emphasized that had justice been served to the Sikhs and the state machinery had played its proper role during the massacre, other religious minorities would not have been targeted blatantly in the years to come.

Officials and public figures of the local community were also present to witness Mr. Phoolka. Raj Grewal, MP Brampton East, Harinder Malhi, MPP Brampton-Springdale, Gurpreet Dhillion City Councilor Wards 9 and 10, Ms Kelly Leitch, MP Simcoe Grey were present on the stage when Mr Phoolka was facilitated with shawl.

For a massive public gathering of this scale, the Aam Aadmi Party Toronto volunteers played the most important role in making this event a success. The campaign was led by Sumesh Handa for HS Phoolka’s visit to Toronto. Various teams were formed and managed very strategically by Surinder Mavi & Akshthal Kalia. Event Promotions and media strategy were handled very well with the efforts of Paul Badwal, HS Somal, Satya Aggarwal, Harry Dhaliwal & Karamjit Gill. Crowd Management was done by Ketan Dutta, Satnam Singh, Tarun Walia, Navpreet Thind & various other volunteers. More than a 1000 registrations were done by the registration team which consisted of Susheel Kalra, Hapreet Rakhra and Jagpreet Cheema. Questions of the supporters regarding Punjab Manifesto were also recorded in video and writing and were sent along with Mr. Phoolka for AAP Punjab’s Manifesto suggestions. This creative feat was handled by Lalit Batra and Navi Dhillon.

A very important team of women’ wing of AAP Toronto was also formed with the utmost efforts of Mr. Avtar Brar(Micro Printing), who also printed all the promotion material at no charge. Women volunteers Lallie Brar & Kiran Rai, the face of AAP Toronto Women Wing and appealed all the women present at the event to get together and get involved.

In the end, he gave a call to the Non Resident Indians to support the Aam Aadmi Party and work hard to bring a fundamental change in Punjab. He listed some of the achievements of AAP government in Delhi and assured the public that if his party was elected to power in Punjab, the state will get rid of corruption and benefit from the policies meant to improve the lives of common people.

Before this rally, press meet was also organized where more than 40 media professionals were present. Mr. Sudeep Singla, the media coordinator, was instrumental in organizing the press conference. Mr Phoolka provided candid response to more than 20 questions asked by reporters.

AAP Toronto unit volunteers were seen interacting with the media where they talked about the future plans of Toronto Chapter.

Some reports from social media described this rally as Maghi Conference of Canada.

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