Young Living Essential Oils

Imagine for a moment that you or a loved one is sick, and nothing is working.  It could be your child, your parent or your favorite pet, the one patiently waiting for you by the door every day when you come home from work.  You have tried everything, doctors, specialists, drugs with unappealing side effects, still no solution.  You want to help, but you don’t know what to do.  How do you feel? Hopeless?  Helpless?

Now imagine that right at your fingertips you have access to nature’s natural medicine, essential oils.  No side effects, supporting wholeness and well-being on all levels.  Allowing the body to do what it knows how to do, heal itself, by strengthening its immune system, easing the never-ending stress of watching someone you love suffer … How would THAT feel?

I know, because that’s how I got introduced to Young Living Essential Oils.  Tiffany, my kitty, was sick and nothing was working; Young Living essential oils gave us an extra five years of shared loving memories before her peaceful transitioning at the age of 19.  I will forever be grateful to my baby who, because of her health issues introduced me to this company and such a powerful tool.

Essential oils are volatile liquids found in plants.  They are sometimes called its life force and can be found stored in special cells or ducts distributed throughout the whole plant: roots, bark, stems, leafs, flowers.  They protect the plant from bacteria, insects and help it heal from inflicted wounds.  These are the unique characteristics that make essential oils so beneficial to us, humans.

Essential oils are very potent; they are between 100 and 10,000 times more concentrated than herbs, which is why one drop will go a very long way.  Did you know that it takes 5,000 pounds of rose petals to extract 1 pound of rose essential oil?

Volatility is the ability of a substance to easily change from liquid to gas.  Essential oils are liquid, but because they are so volatile, when you open the bottle they easily change into vapor and that is why they are so aromatic.

A third quality that characterizes essential oils is their versatility.  They can be used in every area of our lives: cleaning, cooking, mood enhancing and dealing with physical ailments … you name it, there is an oil for that!!

With so many oils in the market, why am I so passionate about Young Living Essential Oils?  Let me tell you…

Young Living Essential Oils (YL) was established in 1994 by Founder, CEO, and visionary D. Gary Young.  Gary’s top priority is to bring greater wellness and abundance to people all over the world.  His personal guarantee is that YL will only sell 100% pure, natural and un-cut oils that preserve their vital potency.  Not only YL is a company with over 20 years presence in the market, but as of July of 2015, it has received the highest rating in the Better Business Bureau, a rating of A+.

YL has farms, distilleries and offices all around the world; in fact, YL is the only essential oil company that owns their own farms and has the same standards of purity and quality across all of them – it is their patented 5-step process Seed to SealTM

YL is transparent about their process of producing oil, they encourage their members and public to come see the farms and the way things are done.  They provide rich soil for the plants to grow strong and they even have high standards on who is working on their fields: they must be people who love their job and think and speak positivity.

In order to uphold these high standards, YL uses low temperature, low pressure methods when distilling their oils to maintain their quality and healing properties.

YL also tests EVERY batch of oil made, and those that do not meet their rigorous standards are used in the fields as natural herbicides.  YL uses no pesticides or chemicals in their farms, and weeds are allowed to grow freely.  When it is time to harvest the crop and time to pull out the weeds, there is a crew that does it … by hand … on every farm!

YL is also the only essential oils company that tests the oils on site as well as backing up this testing with third party testers.  Each bottle carries a batch number that makes it traceable back to its original source, and because YL oils are pure and unadulterated, they do not carry an expiration date.  Pure, unadulterated oils do not go bad.

This, and the healing benefits and I have seen in others and personally experienced using YLEOs is why I am so passionate about this company and its products!

Daniela Torres B.A.Sc., P.Eng.

Essential Oils Specialist

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