A Few Questions About This Year’s Raptors

Looking at Kyle Lowry’s body now, we can certainly assume that he has done some serious work to get in shape. We can also assume that the devastating loss to the Wizards in the last Playoffs was not a lost memory. “Never again” must have been his constant thoughts.

It is very early to make any predictions, but I am thinking that Kyle is going to have a heck of a season. I am also assuming that Demar DeRozan will have a stellar season as he is in his last year of his contract.

It feels also good to have fellow Torontonians Cory Joseph and Anthony Bennett in the team. It must be a dream come true for them who grew up watching Vince Carter putting our beloved city on the map.

As a fan, I am very happy with what I see. The addition of Bismack Biyombo and Demarre Carroll for their defence, and Luis Scola for his experience is a good thing. How about the Raptors 905! Having team in the D-league is a great opportunity for the development of the youngsters Bruno Caboclo and Lucas (Bebe) Nogueira.

The NBA season is a long and grinding one, with plenty of surprises. Only the strong survives. Knock on wood; we hope there won’t be any major injuries. However, I still have a few questions about this season: Can we expect DeRozan and Lowry in the Eastern All Star Team again? How about Jonas Valanciunas who is playing like an All Star now? Are we going to have a 50 wins season this year? Are we finally going to reach the second round of the Playoffs?

I am sure that President and General Manager Masai Ujiri had these kinds of questions when he put together this season’s roster.

I know it is still early in the season, but I can’t stop asking myself: “who is really able to stop Stephen Curry?” He is having a stellar season so far that, to state that his team is heading to a repeat would not be an understatement. I am also curious to see what San Antonio will do with the new additions that have, plus the return of the Big Three, Tony, Manu and Duncan. Wait and see.

LeBron James fans should expect nothing less than a championship given the fact that the team got all his players back and that, health wise, they should all be ready by the Playoffs (I hope).

I am looking forward to my first game this season at the ACC. You can be sure that I will be reporting some great information from there.

Let’s hope that our Raps will do better than last year. The fans and the team really do deserve it. Easier said than done. It’s all about going out there and perform

Always a pleasure.

Patrick Bizindavyi

Your Sports Wingman

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